Container Terminals & Harbor Facilities

HIBIKI Container Terminal
“HIBIKI” -Advanced new container terminal of the Port of Kitakyushu

HIBIKI Container Terminal Image
  • Advantageous location on the Japan Sea connects major ports in Asia and North America
  • Cutting-edge terminal design flexibly meets container and multi-purpose logistics needs
  • International logistics hub connecting the Hibikinada area with active investments to and from major ports worldwide

Outline of facilities

Item Description
Location Wakamatsu-ku, Kitakyushu City
Berth Water depth Water depth : 15m Water depth : 10m
No. of berths 2 berths 2 berths
Overall length 700 m
[350 m x 2 berths]
340 m
[170 m x 2 berths]
Structural form Hybrid caisson, RC caisson RC caisson
Total terminal area Approx. 39 ha
Cargo handling system Transfer crane system
Gantry crane Post-Panamax : 3 units
(each can handle up to 18 rows of containers.)
Container yard cargo handling machinery Transfer crane : 7 units
Tractor head : 7 units
Container chassis : 11 units, and other machinery
Other facilities Administration building : 1
Maintenance shop : 1
Marine house : 1
Gate :10 lanes (In: 6 lanes; Out: 4 lanes), and other facilities
Operation system Computer system : 1 unit
Communication system : 11 unit
Gate system : 1 unit, and other operation systems
Container storage capacity Dry cargo container : 22,464 TEUs in 4 vertical stacks
Reefer container : 324 units in 3 vertical stacks
HIBIKI Container Terminal
Gantry cranes

Gantry cranes

Transfer cranes

Transfer cranes

Strategic Location

Hibiki CT is an international logistics hub strategically located at the gateway of western Japan's container market. Focusing on the Kitakyushu hinterlands, the CT is centrally positioned to serve a variety of major industries, led by steel, automobiles, chemicals, and electronics.

Location image 01
Location image 02

Accesses to and from Excellent Logistics Infrastructure

For more enhanced access -Wakato Tunnel (Undersea Highway)- The Wakato Tunnel (Undersea Highway), designed as a submarine tunnel across Dokai Bay for easier access between the Hibikinada and Tobata-Kokura areas, has been opened in 2013. The highway's opening has made access to and from Hibiki CT much faster, safer and more reliable.

Location image 03

Continuous Active Investments in the Hibikinada Area
-Hibiki CT'S "Cargo-producing" Effect

Since Hibiki CT went into service, new investments around it have reached 150 billion yen, which produces new container cargoes.

Newly invested major operations around Hibiki CT since 2007
Eco Material Processing and export of recycled plastics
Mikuni Tech Processing and transport of recycled tires
Tsurumaru Shipping Multi-purpose warehouse
Hibiki Portland R1 warehouse Multi-purpose warehouse
Nippon Express Hibiki International Logistics Center Multi-purpose warehouse
Kamigumi Hibiki Logistics Center Multi-purpose warehouse (temperature-controlled)
Nippon Express Stock Point (Logistics Yard)
Bridgestone Stock Point (Logistics Yard)
Saibu Gas * LNG transport base
Bridgestone Manufacture of off-road radial tires
Nippon Roballo Manufacture of bearing parts for wind power generators
Isono Processing of molded plastics materials
Fujico Manufacture of photocatalytic products
Osaka Seiko Manufacture of steel wires for cold rolling
Sunrock Oyodo Drawing and processing of iron wire
Toho Titanium Manufacture of sponge titanium
Amita Corporation Recycling of sludge, metals and other materials

* operation above is scheduled to start in 2014.