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Sister Port / Friendly Port / Logistics Partner Port

The Port of Kitakyushu has the Sister-Port relationships with Tacoma (U.S.A) and Laem Chabang (Thailand) and Friendship-Port relationship with Dalian (China).
Respective information has been exchanged to develop each port by regular conferences and trainee exchange programs.
Besides,Port of Kitakyushu also has Logistics partner ports; Incheon,Tianjin,Yantai,and Qingdao.
It aims at mutual activation of sea & air logistics and passenger transportation by exchange agreement conclusion with the Incheon Port(South Korea), and logistics partner ports agreement conclusion with the Tianjin Port, Yantai Port, and the Qingdao Port(China).

Sister Port / Friendly Port

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[ Sister Port ] U.S.A. - The Port of Tacoma
The Port of Tacoma image
[ July, 1984 conclusion ]
Port of Tacoma is one of the largest container ports in North America. Located on the Pacific Coast in Washington State it serves as a gateway to Asia and Alaska.
Outstanding intermordal operations, connections to two transcontinental railroads and easy access to Interstate highways make the port an ideal location for distribution activities.

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[ Sister Port ] The Kingdom of Thailand - The Laem Chabang Port
The Laem Chabang Port Image
[ July, 1991 conclusion ]
The Laem Chabang Port, located on the Gulf of Siam in the south eastern Bangkok, consists of several minor ports that provide international services by 7 container terminal, a RO/RO terminal and other types of terminals.
The Laem Chabang Port is the one of the highest growth rates in the world.

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[ Friendly Port ] China - The Port of Dalian
The Port of Dalian Image
[ May, 1985 conclusion]
Located in the South of Liaodong Peninsular, Dalian Port has superior natural conditions with broad space, deep water and ice-free and situated in the convenient position for the transshipment between Far East, South Asia, North America and Europe.
There are 160km of railway lines. 300,000m2 of warehouses, 1.8million km2 of stacking yards and nearly 80 modern berths.

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Logistics Partner Port

Port of Incheon (South Korea)
[ November,2004 conclusion ]

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Tianjin Port (China)
[ November,2005 conclusion ]

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Yantai Port (China)
[ December,2005 conclusion ]

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Port of Qingdao (China)
[ December,2005 conclusion ]

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